Sitting too much may be twice as dangerous for your health as being obese.

There’s been a fast growing body of evidence in the last several years that lack of exercise – or sedentariness – is a major risk factor in health. It’s been linked to heart disease, cancer, and to an early death. And now, a new study finds that lack of exercise may actually be even moreContinue reading “Sitting too much may be twice as dangerous for your health as being obese.”

New sweetener from the tequila plant may treat diabetes and weight loss

Could a new sugar substitute actually lower blood sugar and help you lose weight? That’s the tantalizing – but distant – promise of new research presented at the American Chemical Society (ACS) this week. Agavins, derived from the agave plant that’s used to make tequila, were found in mouse studies to trigger insulin production andContinue reading “New sweetener from the tequila plant may treat diabetes and weight loss”

Injection of heat-burning animal cells into people may help burn off body fat

  Scientists have developed an injection that could target stubborn spare tyres or double chins without affecting the rest of the body. The researchers have found they can burn off excess fat in specific areas of the body by injecting tiny capsules filled with a modified type of heat-producing cell commonly found in animals andContinue reading “Injection of heat-burning animal cells into people may help burn off body fat”

New Bacon Sundae at Burger King

Just when we thought fast food news could not get any more exciting, Burger King announced that it will be offering a bacon sundae throughout the U.S. this summer. The dessert — a 510 calorie monstrosity featuring both a whole strip of bacon and bacon crumbles atop a fudge and caramel sundae — was releasedContinue reading “New Bacon Sundae at Burger King”

Autism may be linked to obesity during pregnancy

    Obesity during pregnancy may increase chances for having a child with autism, provocative new research suggests. It’s among the first studies linking the two, and though it doesn’t prove obesity causes autism, the authors say their results raise public health concerns because of the high level of obesity in this country. Study womenContinue reading “Autism may be linked to obesity during pregnancy”

Ulcers from H. Pylori Increase the Risk of Diabetes

  The same bacterium responsible for most stomach ulcers may play a role in the development of Type 2 diabetes among overweight and obese adults, New York University researchers recently reported. And in the same way that antibiotics eradicate the bacterium and heal ulcers, antibiotics might eventually prove useful in diabetes prevention, they suggest inContinue reading “Ulcers from H. Pylori Increase the Risk of Diabetes”

Japanese Calorie-Burning Underwear

A new craze is sweeping Japan that involves underwear, a promise to burn calories and a mesmerizing infomercial to back it all up. Introducing MXP Calorie Shaper Pants, the shiny boxer briefs that hold claim to a revolutionary technology that purportedly enables users to burn extra calories by simply wearing them around. The makers ofContinue reading “Japanese Calorie-Burning Underwear”

Floor Collapsed Under Weight of Attendees at Weight Watcher’s Meeting

The floor of a Weight Watchers clinic in Sweden collapsed beneath a group of 20 members of the weight loss program who were gathered for a meeting. The floor beneath them in the clinic in Växjö, in south-central Sweden, began to rumble, according to a report in The Local, Sweden’s English-language newspaper. “We suddenly heardContinue reading “Floor Collapsed Under Weight of Attendees at Weight Watcher’s Meeting”