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  1. kim

    Regarding the Mautz Penis Size study read again.After 3 inches flaccid(thats below the average of a flaccid penis)attraction started to decline.Where did u get the nonsense regarding bigger is better.Now Brainiac,go to real life, rather than faceless images,go to personality,sense of humour,job,cleanliness,etc regarding female attraction all that Mautz claims is bullshit(just another used toilet paper study).Its the clitoris that is the main sex organ.After the first inch & a half,the vagina is so insensitive,a medical book claimed a surgeon can cut there without her feeling much. Good Lame analyses

  2. Charlotte Peters Rock

    Re; Chinchorro and the Atacama desert – Is it likely that there were NO carnivores in the Atacama, at the time when people were flourishing there? If not animal carnivores, then predatory birds. That makes it extremely unlikely that a body, cast onto the sand would survive as a body, for long enough to mummify.

    Perhaps that is the reason for the human mummification by the Chinchorro, of at least some of their dead? To preserve those regarded as higher ranking (in some way) from animal predation. Perhaps deeper burial has been disturbed over millennia, by the movements within so dry a desert, bringing to the surface, mummified bodies which were never expected to be seen again?

    Or perhaps the mummified remains were carried around with the groups, as they moved, or temporarily buried, as the group moved with the seasons, and unearthed when they arrived back at the same place each year?

    We must not allow ‘Empire Builders’ to make up a story and have it accepted as ‘fact’, until facts are well proven.

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