Americans Less Fearful Of Storms Named After Women

A study published Monday suggests Americans are less afraid of hurricanes with female names. This is a real study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences — not The Onion. Researchers at the University of Illinois and Arizona State looked at deaths caused by hurricanes between 1950 — when storms were first namedContinue reading “Americans Less Fearful Of Storms Named After Women”

This Mouthguard Knows If You’re At Risk Of Concussion

When Anthony Gonzales received a hard tackle while playing rugby in 2011, he didn’t know if he had a concussion — despite showing possible symptoms. His story is a common one among young athletes — a dangerous prospect if you consider the potential consequences of an undetected head injury. The Centers for Disease Control andContinue reading “This Mouthguard Knows If You’re At Risk Of Concussion”

Termite Genome Reveals Details of “Caste System”

The genome of the termite has just been sequenced, and it is revealing several clues about how the pests create their rigid social order. For instance, the new genome, detailed today (May 20) in the journal Nature Communications, uncovers some of the underpinnings of termites’ caste system, as well as the roots of the males’Continue reading “Termite Genome Reveals Details of “Caste System””

Ancient Egyptian jewellery carved from a meteorite

Think iron jewellery is down-to-earth? Not for the ancient Egyptians, it wasn’t. A 5300-year-old necklace bead found in an Egyptian tomb was made with iron from a meteorite. Evidence for iron smelting in Egypt dates back to the 6th century BC, but archaeologists have found much older iron artefacts in the region, including in Tutankhamun’sContinue reading “Ancient Egyptian jewellery carved from a meteorite”

Researchers explore connecting the brain to machines

Behind a locked door in a white-walled basement in a research building in Tempe, Ariz., a monkey sits stone-still in a chair, eyes locked on a computer screen. From his head protrudes a bundle of wires; from his mouth, a plastic tube. As he stares, a picture of a green cursor on the black screenContinue reading “Researchers explore connecting the brain to machines”