The Healing Power of Caring and Hope in Psychotherapy

By Allen Frances, MD There are 3 consistent research findings that should make a world of difference to therapists and to the people they treat. 1. Psychotherapy works at least as well as drugs for most mild to moderate problems and, all things being equal, should be used first 2. A good relationship is muchContinue reading “The Healing Power of Caring and Hope in Psychotherapy”

Scientists manage to give mice ‘eating disorders’ by knocking out one gene

By Rachel Feltman If you give a mouse an eating disorder, you might just figure out how to treat the disease in humans. In a new study published Thursday in Cell Press, researchers created mice who lacked a gene associated with disordered eating in humans. Without it, the mice showed behaviors not unlike those seenContinue reading “Scientists manage to give mice ‘eating disorders’ by knocking out one gene”

New study shows that use of psychedelic drugs does not increase risk of mental illness

An analysis of data provided by 135,000 randomly selected participants – including 19,000 people who had used drugs such as LSD and magic mushrooms – finds that use of psychedelics does not increase risk of developing mental health problems. The results are published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology. Previously, the researchers behind the study –Continue reading “New study shows that use of psychedelic drugs does not increase risk of mental illness”

Selfies Linked to Narcissism, Psychopathy

Men who post selfies on social media such as Instagram and Facebook have higher than average traits of narcissism and psychopathy, according to a new study from academics at Ohio State University. Furthermore, people who use filters to edit shots score even higher for anti-social behaviour such as narcissism, an obsession with one’s own appearance.Continue reading “Selfies Linked to Narcissism, Psychopathy”

LSD’s ability to make minds malleable revisited

Could taking LSD help people make peace with their neuroses? Psychiatrists in the 1960s certainly thought so. They carried out many studies looking at the effect of LSD and other psychedelics on people undergoing psychotherapy for schizophrenia, OCD and alcoholism. The idea was that the drug would mimic the effect of hypnotherapy, making people moreContinue reading “LSD’s ability to make minds malleable revisited”

7 Very Bizarre (and Very Rare) Psychotic Hallucinations

brain The many documented cases of strange delusions and neurological syndromes can offer a window into how bizarre the brain can be. It may seem that hallucinations are random images that appear to some individuals, or that delusions are thoughts that arise without purpose. However, in some cases, a specific brain pathway may create aContinue reading “7 Very Bizarre (and Very Rare) Psychotic Hallucinations”

Psychedelic mushrooms put your brain in a “waking dream,” study finds

Psychedelic mushrooms can do more than make you see the world in kaleidoscope. Research suggests they may have permanent, positive effects on the human brain. In fact, a mind-altering compound found in some 200 species of mushroom is already being explored as a potential treatment for depression and anxiety. People who consume these mushrooms, afterContinue reading “Psychedelic mushrooms put your brain in a “waking dream,” study finds”

Century-old drug reverses signs of autism in mice

By Elizabeth Norton A single dose of a century-old drug has eliminated autism symptoms in adult mice with an experimental form of the disorder. Originally developed to treat African sleeping sickness, the compound, called suramin, quells a heightened stress response in neurons that researchers believe may underlie some traits of autism. The finding raises theContinue reading “Century-old drug reverses signs of autism in mice”

Parkland psych ER is again scene of patient abuse

Parkland Memorial Hospital said the patient-gagging incident in the psychiatric emergency room was discovered on April 8 during a routine review of security video from March 16. Parkland notified the Texas health department within a day, it said, in compliance with regulations. By MILES MOFFEIT AND BROOKS EGERTON The psychiatric patient spat at Parkland MemorialContinue reading “Parkland psych ER is again scene of patient abuse”

New research confirms that looking angry gets people to do what you want.

by Amanda L. Chan If you’ve ever gotten the death glare from your parent, child or S.O., you already know the results of this new study to be true. New research in the journal Psychological Science shows that people are more likely to give in to an unfair demand when they are presented with aContinue reading “New research confirms that looking angry gets people to do what you want.”