Brief History of 8 Hallucinogens

Humans have been ingesting mind-altering substances for a very long time. Hallucinogen-huffing bowls 2,500 years old ( have been found on islands in the Lesser Antilles, and traditional cultures from the Americas to Africa use hallucinogenic substances for spiritual purposes. Here are some notable substances that send the mind tripping. LSD is commonly known asContinue reading “Brief History of 8 Hallucinogens”

Mass squid suicides in California

Thousands of jumbo squid have recently beached themselves on central California shores, committing mass “suicide.” But despite decades of study into the phenomenon in which the squid essentially fling themselves onto shore, the cause of these mass beachings have been a mystery. But a few intriguing clues suggest poisonous algae that form so-called red tidesContinue reading “Mass squid suicides in California”

Diuretic Drug Offers Latest Hope for Autism Treatment

  A drug used for decades to treat high blood pressure and other conditions has shown promise in a small clinical trial for autism. The drug, bumetanide, reduced the overall severity of behavioral symptoms after 3 months of daily treatment. The researchers say that many parents of children who received the drug reported that theirContinue reading “Diuretic Drug Offers Latest Hope for Autism Treatment”