A hospital ward in Oregon has been quarantined after 5 people fall ill with mysterious hallucinations

An emergency room in Oregon has been quarantined after five people started experiencing hallucinations that appear to have been spread via touch. The unidentified condition was first reported at around 3am last Wednesday, when a 54-year-old caregiver in North Bend Oregon phoned police complaining about seven or eight people trying to “take the roof offContinue reading “A hospital ward in Oregon has been quarantined after 5 people fall ill with mysterious hallucinations”

$5 Insanity’: 5 Crazy Facts About Flakka

A new drug that gives people superhuman strength, but leads to violent delusions, is gaining attention. The drug, which has the street name of Flakka, is a synthetic stimulant that is chemically similar to bath salts. Flakka is fast developing a reputation for what seem to be its nasty side effects, including a tendency toContinue reading “$5 Insanity’: 5 Crazy Facts About Flakka”

7 Very Bizarre (and Very Rare) Psychotic Hallucinations

brain The many documented cases of strange delusions and neurological syndromes can offer a window into how bizarre the brain can be. It may seem that hallucinations are random images that appear to some individuals, or that delusions are thoughts that arise without purpose. However, in some cases, a specific brain pathway may create aContinue reading “7 Very Bizarre (and Very Rare) Psychotic Hallucinations”