Street artist installs tiny rooms in Milan’s manholes


Urban artist Biancoshock has converted Milanese manholes into tiny rooms to spotlight the extreme conditions people around the world are forced to live in.

The satirical intervention — titled ‘Borderlife’ — draws specifically from living standards in Bucharest, where more than 600 people call the city’s sewers home.

‘If some problems cannot be avoided, make them comfortable,’ Biancoshock says ironically.

The artist describes his work as ‘ephemeral experiences’ that play with the urban landscape of European cities.

He made the headlines in 2012 with a stress-reducing installation at a Milan bus stop, where customers could kill time waiting for their bus by bursting bubble wrap.

Vertical forest in Milan

The completion of the world’s first vertical forest is nearing. Located in Milan, Bosco Verticale is Boeri Studio’s effort to make cities greener along with supporting an overly dense urban population. The project kicked off in 2011, and is widely looked at by the rest of the world.

New photographs that have emerged show the appearance of the finished residential tower blocks with 100 different species of trees and shrubs covering the whole place in a vertical forest.

The sunlight filtering through the forest leaves, breathing the fresh air, and everything can just be nothing else than poor bliss. The project will mostly be complete by early 2014.

The project can accommodate in one building about forest that equals 10.000 sq m of forest. Also include 480 large and medium size trees, 250 small size trees, 11,000 groundcover plants and 5,000 shrubs. Greywater recycling is also being pursued, which will eventually water the vegetation and the photovoltaic panels will provide power.

Each tower supports the equivalent population of an area of single family dwellings of nearly 50,000. The smallest apartment of the lot is 65 sqm and has a small woodland terrace. The largest apartment, on the other hand, is 450 sqm with a terrace of around 80 sqm.

The architects say that they are kicked about the next phase when engineers, builders, masons, lawyers and electricians actually finish work and residents begin to live.

They say that every plant has been chosen by botanists to thrive in the present condition. A specialized maintenance company will keep in check of the vertical forest in the coming years.

Dolce Vita Homes worked in collaboration with Coima Image for the interior designing, Residenze Porta Nuova is marketing the project.

Bosco Verticale Vertical Forest Nearing Completion in Milan

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