13+ Of The Most Evil-Looking Buildings That Could Easily Be Supervillain Headquarters

Compiled by Bored Panda, the list contains everything from a dancing house in Prague and a train station in Lyon to a congress centre in Hangzhou and a research institute in Berlin. 1. Buzludzha, Bulgaria 2. Philadelphia City Hall, Philadelphia, USA 3. Mahanakhon Tower, Bangkok, Thailand 4. Polygone Riviera, France 5. Riverside Museum, Glasgow, UKContinue reading “13+ Of The Most Evil-Looking Buildings That Could Easily Be Supervillain Headquarters”

The secrets behind Japan’s coolest micro homes

By Kate Springer A tiny scrap of land might not catch your eye. But to Japanese architect Yasuhiro Yamashita of Atelier Tekuto, there’s nothing more beautiful. A veteran designer of kyosho jutaku — or micro homes — Yamashita has built more than 300 houses, each uniquely shaped and packed full of personality. All starkly different,Continue reading “The secrets behind Japan’s coolest micro homes”

Vertical forest in Milan

The completion of the world’s first vertical forest is nearing. Located in Milan, Bosco Verticale is Boeri Studio’s effort to make cities greener along with supporting an overly dense urban population. The project kicked off in 2011, and is widely looked at by the rest of the world. New photographs that have emerged show theContinue reading “Vertical forest in Milan”

How this family of four lives ‘off the grid’ in the middle of the desert

<img src=“https://itsinterestingdotcom.files.wordpress.com/2014/01/living-off-the-grid.jpg&#8221; alt=”living off the grid” width=”614″ height=”429″ class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-7407″ /> At a time when we carry computers in our pockets and our cars practically do the driving for us, a certain subset of people have willingly chosen to cut the cord on modern American life — for good. Off-the-grid living — that is,Continue reading “How this family of four lives ‘off the grid’ in the middle of the desert”

Gregory Kloehn makes New York City dumpster into home

A California designer has turned a $2,000 dumpster into a fully functional home, complete with a bathroom, bed, kitchen and sun deck. Gregory Kloehn converted the dumpster in Brooklyn off of a hunch, and now he uses it whenever he stays in New York. ‘It just hit me,’ he said on HGTV’s show, ‘You LiveContinue reading “Gregory Kloehn makes New York City dumpster into home”

World’s Thinnest House is Just Four Feet Wide

A four-foot-wide space between two buildings in Warsaw, Poland has become the world’s thinnest house. Architect Jakub Szczesny built a series of vertical spaces into the void including a kitchen, bathroom, Keret House will function as a place for artist residencies lasting from five to seven days. Its size prevents it from being considered aContinue reading “World’s Thinnest House is Just Four Feet Wide”