3D printer constructs house in 24 hours

By Vanessa Bates Ramirez 3D printing is being used to produce more and more novel items: tools, art, even rudimentary human organs. What all those items have in common, though, is that they’re small. The next phase of 3D printing is to move on to things that are big. Really big. Like, as big asContinue reading “3D printer constructs house in 24 hours”

Recycled Concrete Houses 3D-Printed in 24 Hours in China

A Chinese construction firm based in Shanghai has succeeded in building 10 houses each measuring 200 square metres in 24 hours by using an enormous 3D printer. The houses are all eco-friendly and constructed from 3D-printed building blocks made from layers of recycled construction waste and glass fibre and mixed with cement. Each home costsContinue reading “Recycled Concrete Houses 3D-Printed in 24 Hours in China”

NASA funds development of 3D printer to make food in space, starting with a pizza

Delicious Uncle Sam’s Meal Cubes are laser-sintered from granulated mealworms; part of this healthy breakfast. NASA is funding research into 3D printed food which would provide astronauts with meals during long space flights. The futuristic food printers would use cartridges of powder and oils which would have a shelf life of 30 years. While theContinue reading “NASA funds development of 3D printer to make food in space, starting with a pizza”

Patient has 75% of his skull replaced by a 3D-printed implant

A man has had 75 per cent of his skull replaced with a custom-made 3D-printed implant. The un-named patient in the United States had his head imaged by a 3D scanner before the plastic prosthetic was crafted to suit his features. Oxford Performance Materials in Connecticut then gained approval from US regulators before the printedContinue reading “Patient has 75% of his skull replaced by a 3D-printed implant”

Future technology from Apple

  All the way back in February of this year, Apple’s iPhone business alone surpassed the size of Microsoft’s entire business, reaching nearly $25 billion in annual revenue versus Microsoft’s ~$20 billion. Since February, Apple’s iPhone business has only grown, widening this gap. Here’s the outdated chart from February: Remarkable isn’t it? Here’s what’s moreContinue reading “Future technology from Apple”

Parents-to-be in Japan can buy a 3D printed model of their fetus

EXPECTANT parents in Japan who can’t wait to show the world what their baby will look like can now buy a 3D model of the fetus to share with their friends. Based on an MRI scan, a 3D printer can create a 9-centimetre resin model of the white fetus, encased in a transparent block inContinue reading “Parents-to-be in Japan can buy a 3D printed model of their fetus”