Why did a humpback whale just save this seal’s life?

This humpback whale protected a Weddell seal from killer whales by carrying it on its belly. By Erik Stockstad At first it seemed like the usual, deviously clever attack. Several killer whales were trying to catch a Weddell seal that had taken refuge atop a drifting patch of Antarctic ice. The orcas swam alongside eachContinue reading “Why did a humpback whale just save this seal’s life?”

Dead whale towed off Los Angeles beach ahead of holiday

By JOHN ANTCZAK The reeking carcass of a dead humpback whale was towed back out to sea some 24 hours after washing up at a popular Los Angeles County beach Friday. Authorities used boats pulling ropes attached to the tail to pull it off the sand during the evening high tide, taking the whale farContinue reading “Dead whale towed off Los Angeles beach ahead of holiday”

Five sperm whales wash up on the east coast of England

A fifth sperm whale has been washed up on the east coast of England. It follows the death of a beached whale in Hunstanton, Norfolk, on Friday and the discovery of three carcasses near Skegness over the weekend. The sperm whales are believed from a pod spotted off the Norfolk coast. The fifth whale wasContinue reading “Five sperm whales wash up on the east coast of England”

First ever video of world’s rarest whale

The Omura’s whale is so rare and little-known that there hasn’t been a single confirmed sighting in the wild by scientists… until now. Researchers working off the coast of Madagascar have captured the first-ever footage of the elusive Omura’s whales, a species so uncommon that scientists have no idea how many there are in theContinue reading “First ever video of world’s rarest whale”

Humpback whale nearly crushes kayakers

A massive humpback whale nearly flattened a pair of kayakers on California’s Central Coast when it launched out of the sea and landed on their boat. Nearby whale watchers looked on in fright as the creature flipped the couple into the water Saturday near Monterey Bay’s Moss Landing Harbor. A video (posted above)filmed by aContinue reading “Humpback whale nearly crushes kayakers”

Dolphins hitching rides on whales

Animals often have symbiotic relationships. Egrets hang out on the backs of many large animals, picking parasites in exchange for free food and transportation. Plovers act as dentists, eating the leftover food inside the mouths of crocodiles. But this relationship is baffling. Sometimes dolphins hitch rides on the backs of humpback whales — and it’sContinue reading “Dolphins hitching rides on whales”

Diver captures ‘incredible’ footage of great whites, tiger sharks feasting on whale carcass

Brett Vercoe and his wife were on a diving trip yesterday morning when they came across the whale carcass. He said he saw at least five large sharks feeding on the dead whale. “In a short period, we saw a number of sharks circling around [the whale],” he said. “After 10 or 15 minutes itContinue reading “Diver captures ‘incredible’ footage of great whites, tiger sharks feasting on whale carcass”

Sperm whale poonado

ENCOUNTERING a mighty sperm whale is a magical experience. But in this case, it was tempered somewhat by a rarely seen defence mechanism: emergency defecation. Sperm whales are the largest toothed predators in the world, so what have they got to be scared of? Here it was pesky divers buzzing around them, taking photos. CanadianContinue reading “Sperm whale poonado”

Yeast from fossilized whale bones now used to make beer.

by Rebecca Cooper Brewers have pulled yeast from pretty much everywhere to experiment with new strains — one West Coast brewery even brewed a beer using samples from the head brewer’s beard (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/09/26/beard-beer-rogue-ales-yeast-john-maier_n_1917119.html) — but Lost Rhino in Ashburn may be breaking into new territory with its BoneDusters amber ale. BoneDusters was brewed with aContinue reading “Yeast from fossilized whale bones now used to make beer.”

New research shows that whales and dolphins can’t taste anything except salt

Tastes are a privilege. The oral sensations not only satisfy foodies, but also on a primal level, protect animals from toxic substances. Yet cetaceans—whales and dolphins—may lack this crucial ability, according to a new study. Mutations in a cetacean ancestor obliterated their basic machinery for four of the five primary tastes, making them the firstContinue reading “New research shows that whales and dolphins can’t taste anything except salt”