Antelope Island’s famous bison roundup is underway

by Jaymi Heimbuch The annual bison round-up is underway in Antelope Island State Park in Utah. Each year, the bison herd grows by about 100-150 individuals as new calves are born in the spring, but the park has limited resources for grazing. Park biologists aim to keep the herd numbering around 550 individuals to keepContinue reading “Antelope Island’s famous bison roundup is underway”

Bison Herders Wanted

In an annual roundup on Antelope Island in the Great Salt Lake, about 775 bison are corralled and vaccinated. The morning sky had turned to pink and it was to time to saddle up, so Benedikt Preisler, 59, strode across this grassy island to make use of the riding boots and cowboy hat he hadContinue reading “Bison Herders Wanted”

Utah’s Strategy for the Homeless: Give Them Homes

By the end of 2015, the chronically homeless population of Utah may be virtually gone. And the secret is quite simple: Give homes to the homeless. “We call it housing first, employment second,” said Lloyd Pendleton, director of Utah’s Homeless Task Force. Even Pendleton used to think trying to eradicate homelessness using such an approachContinue reading “Utah’s Strategy for the Homeless: Give Them Homes”