Satellites can predict famine before it occurs

Hundred of miles about Earth, orbiting satellites are becoming a bold new weapon in the age-old fight against drought, disease and death. By Ariel Sabar SMITHSONIAN MAGAZINE In early October, after the main rainy season, Ethiopia‚Äôs central Rift Valley is a study in green. Fields of wheat and barley lie like shimmering quilts over theContinue reading “Satellites can predict famine before it occurs”

Direct brain to brain communication

By Jerry Adler SMITHSONIAN MAGAZINE Telepathy, 2015: At the Center for Sensorimotor Neural Engineering of the University of Washington, a young woman dons an electroencephalogram cap, studded with electrodes that can read the minute fluctuations of voltage across her brain. She is playing a game, answering questions by turning her gaze to one of twoContinue reading “Direct brain to brain communication”