Pupil Response Predicts Depression Risk in Kids

Emerging research suggests pupil dilation in children of depressed mothers when seeing an emotional image can help predict his or her risk of depression over the next two years. Dr. Brandon Gibb, a professor of psychology at Binghamton University in New York, said the new findings suggest physiological reactivity to sad stimuli can be aContinue reading “Pupil Response Predicts Depression Risk in Kids”

Measuring attention to angry faces may help predict depression relapse

Up to 80 percent of individuals with a past history of depression will get depressed again in the future. However, little is known about the specific factors that put these people at risk. New research suggests that it may be due to the things you pay attention to in your life. Researchers at Binghamton UniversityContinue reading “Measuring attention to angry faces may help predict depression relapse”