Dutch council executive recommends urinating in shower to save water


A council official in the Drenthe municipality of Aa en Hunze is recommending people pee while having a shower in order to save water and cash.

The council has launched a project in 2013 to increase sustainability and saving water is an integral part of the mission, the AD reports on Wednesday.

Urinating while under the show ‘saves lots of clean water and is good for the environment,’ Bert Wassink is quoted as saying. ‘If you combine showers and peeing, you save a lot of water and money, so why not?’

According to the AD, the average Dutch person uses 39 litres a day on showers and 36 litres flushing the toilet.

Wassink, who represents the left-wing green party GroenLinks, told the paper he already practises what he preaches.


Left Party in Sweden wants men to sit down to urinate


Left Party members of a Swedish county council  said they want to encourage men using the council’s toilets to sit during  urination.

The Left Party in Sormland said it wants the Sormland County Council to pass  a motion requiring toilets reserved for stand-up urination to be labeled,  Swedish news agency TT reported Monday.

The party said sit-down urination is more hygienic and reduces the risk of  bathroom users having to negotiate their way around puddles en route to the  toilet.

The supporters of the motion said sitting during urination also has medical  benefits, including reducing the risk of prostate problems and leading to a  healthier and longer sex life.

Viggo Hansen, a substitute member of the council and author of the motion,  said he wants it to eventually lead to sitting-only bathrooms.

Read more: http://www.upi.com/Odd_News/2012/06/11/Swedish-party-wants-sit-down-urination/UPI-70041339439528/#ixzz1y9CccWfG

Having to urinate badly while driving is like driving drunk


Having to urinate really bad while driving is equivalent in terms of impairment to about a 0.05 blood alcohol level, according to research done by Dr. Peter Snyder, a VP of research at Rhode Island Hospital. “With urination, it’s a very active process, as you know. It takes lots of concentration,” Snyder tells Jalopnik. “If you’re on the highway at 70 mph, and you really have to go, you really are impaired. You can’t let it get to that point.” So don’t let friends drive with full bladders.