New research shows that horses can recognize human emotion

Psychologists studied how 28 horses reacted to seeing photographs of positive versus negative human facial expressions. When viewing angry faces, horses looked more with their left eye, a behaviour associated with perceiving negative stimuli. Their heart rate also increased more quickly and they showed more stress-related behaviours. The study, published February 10 in Biology Letters,Continue reading “New research shows that horses can recognize human emotion”

Dog stands guard for week protecting trapped friend

A Washington state animal shelter says a dog dutifully stood guard for a nearly a week on Vashon Island to protect another dog that had fallen in a cistern. Tillie, a setter mix, only left Phoebe’s side to try to alert people of her trapped friend. Amy Carey of Vashon Island Pet Protectors says theContinue reading “Dog stands guard for week protecting trapped friend”

Award given for world’s ugliest dog

A 10-year-old mutt named Quasi Modo, whose spinal birth defects left her a bit hunchbacked, is the winner of this year’s World’s Ugliest Dog contest. The pit bull-Dutch shepherd mix and her owner took the $1,500 prize Friday night, besting 25 other dogs competing in the contest that applauds imperfection, organizers said. And though theContinue reading “Award given for world’s ugliest dog”

‘No More Woof’ claims to translate dog thoughts into English language

Just because you can pre-order something doesn’t mean it’ll be awesome when it’s finally ready. The folks behind the No More Woof dog translator seem to be looking to tamper everyone’s expectations as such, with phrases like “to be completely honest, the first version will be quite rudimentary” and “the more money we raise, theContinue reading “‘No More Woof’ claims to translate dog thoughts into English language”

Vets: Dogs overdose on drug-user poop

Vets in Berlin are warning about an increase in the number of pets falling ill and being unable to walk properly after eating the drug-users’ faeces in the city’s parks. Parks in the Treptow and Kreuzburg areas of the capital see groups of drug users gathering – some of whom go to the toilet inContinue reading “Vets: Dogs overdose on drug-user poop”

Congregation of stray dogs in Poland reveals that amputated limbs were dumped in warehouse

A Polish businessman who tried to save money by stashing amputated body parts in warehouses instead of incinerating them was exposed by the nose of man’s best friend, prosecutors said. Stray dogs, attracted by the smell, started gathering outside the warehouses, Polish television quoted prosecutors as saying on Friday. Police were alerted and made theContinue reading “Congregation of stray dogs in Poland reveals that amputated limbs were dumped in warehouse”

Marine, dog reunited in surprise ceremony

When Marine Sgt. Ross Gundlach served as a dog handler in Afghanistan, he told the yellow lab who was his constant companion that he’d look her up when he returned home. “I promised her if we made it out of alive, I’d do whatever it took to find her,” Gundlach said. On Friday, he madeContinue reading “Marine, dog reunited in surprise ceremony”

Humans Share Microbiomes With Their Dogs

You know you share genes with your biological parents and kids, but what about microbes? A new study finds that families share skin, tongue and gut microbes with each other… and their dogs. The study shows how the people and pets you live with affect the microscopic bacteria, fungi and other creatures living all overContinue reading “Humans Share Microbiomes With Their Dogs”

Guide dog for blind dog

A caring terrier has taken on the role as guide-dog for his blind labrador brother. Little crossbreed terrier Milo, six, acts as seven-year-old Eddie’s eyes to play and bring him back to proud owner Angie Baker-Stedham when they’re out and about. He can even be seen pulling Eddie along by a lead. Angie, 45, saysContinue reading “Guide dog for blind dog”