Japan man arrested for dumping a quarter-ton of porn

A 70 year old man who dumped almost a quarter of a tonne of pornography in a Japanese park is unlikely to be charged, police said Tuesday, because the stash belonged to an ill friend. Hideaki Adachi was spotted unloading 17 sacks of films and magazines, which included around 500 VHS video tapes, from the back of a truck at a small park in the western Japanese city of Osaka.

Adachi was arrested on suspicion of illegally dumping the 200 kilograms (440 pounds) of porn, but was released the next day after telling police he had found the trove in a storehouse belonging to a bedridden friend, police told AFP.

“He wanted to get rid of them out of goodwill for his friend,” a spokesman said.

Asked if he had left the library in the park with the intention of giving the material away, the spokesman said officers thought not, because “the videos were not laid out to be seen”. Adachi, who worked as a volunteer in the park helping homeless people, had hoped that the huge collection of adult materials would be picked up and taken to a proper disposal site.


Kinki University in Japan is changing its joke-inducing name in order to appeal to English-speaking overseas students.

From 2016 it is going to adopt the name of Kindai University.

Kinki is one of the biggest universities in western Japan with more than 32,000 students, but only 329 of them are from overseas.

The university is to change its name to avoid any misunderstanding.

The Kinki name is drawn from its surrounding local region – but the university has had to counter other interpretations.

The new name of Kindai University is a combination of “Kinki” and “Daigaku” for university.

The shift in name is part of its plans for a more international identity.

“The word ‘kinky’ also means perverted. We have no other choice than changing the English name because we are serious about pursuing a more international school culture,” the university’s dean, Hitoshi Shiozaki, told the AFP news agency.

“We aim to get more foreign students coming here, so we’ve decided to change our English name to ensure there is no misunderstanding,” the university told English language newspaper the Japan Times.

It is not clear whether the change in name will affect the university’s English language newspaper, the Kinki Times.