Dating app broadcasts ratio of men:women in bars

A new app, called Weepo, allows users to check the male-to-female ratio at a given bar or club before heading out.

Weepo is a dating app that gives users a chance to meet and chat with people, based on where they are planning on going that evening.

The app shows you who else on the app is going to a venue, giving an overall ratio of men and women attending.

Once you have found a venue with a ratio you like, the app allows you to swipe through the individual profiles of other people who are going there.

If two users match, they can chat on Weepo, with the knowledge that they will meet when they reach the venue.

Mr Roy Lugasi, co-founder of Weepo, told The New York Post: ‘With all those other apps, you have to go through a conversation where it takes two or three days to meet up.

‘With this app, you’re practically guaranteed to meet somebody tonight.’

The creators say that the app differs from other dating sites, such as Tinder, which see prolonged chats taking a while to translate to face-to-face meetings.

However, the way Weepo works means that if you match with someone you don’t like, you will still have to face them at your destination.

Weepo, which is free to download, launched four months ago, and currently boasts 50,000 users, 80 per cent of which are in New York.

Despite this, some people do not seem to be sold on the app, such as Felix Nunez, who tweeted: ‘#Weepo app takes away the excitement of meeting someone new. It takes away the adrenaline rush.’

The app is currently only available in the US, and it is unclear when it will be coming out in other markets.

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