Shuttlecock industry threatened by China bird flu-related feather shortage

burd flu

The slaughter and burial of fowl in Zhejiang Province and Anhui Province, the main sources of feathers for the shuttlecock industry in Guangdong Province, has resulted in a feather shortage, triggering a price increase. In some shuttlecock factories, feather inventories can only meet about a month of production demand. If the feather shortage continues to worsen, some factories will have to suspend shuttlecock production.

Sports shops suggest that fans buy shuttlecocks as soon as possible, as prices are expected to continue rising.

Couple refuses to leave home, so Chinese government builds highway around them

highway home

It would be a tough sell for any estate agent – great transport links, but the view is admittedly a little uninspiring.

A new motorway in China has been built around a half-demolished building in the city of Wenling, in Zhejiang province, after a family that lives in the building refused to move.

Luo Baogen and his wife, are embroiled in a row over the amount of relocation compensation offered by the government, and are the only remaining residents.

All their neighbours have already left, but to ensure the couple are safe adjacent rooms in the property have been left intact.

The road paved through the Xiazhangyang village leads to the Wenling railway station and is not yet officially open.

Property owners in China that refuse to move for new developments are known as ‘Nail Householders’, in a reference to a nail that is difficult to remove from wood.

Laws in the People’s Republic of China have recently been tightened up and it is now illegal to demolish a property without agreement.

Fei Lin’s penis stolen by thieves



The 41-year old Fei Lin told police that he was sleeping when thieves burst into his room and put a bag over his head: “They put something over my head and pulled down my trousers and then they ran off,” Lin said. “I was so shocked I didn’t feel a thing—then I saw I was bleeding and my penis was gone.”

While nobody has been apprehended yet, a report in the Austrian Times stated that police believe the assailants were jealous or slighted lovers of several local women whom Lin was involved with romantically or sexually. Lin, for his part, denied taking part in any infidelity.

TNT Magazine claims that emergency workers and police conducted a search for Lin’s anatomy but were unable to find the missing penis. The thieves have not yet been located, but police said they were beginning a search for the men and their female lovers.

Thanks to Dr. Nakamura for bringing this to the attention of the It’s Interesting community.