Flat Earthers tried to sail to the edge of the world… and you can totally guess how it went.

A couple of Flat Earthers in Italy violated the current pandemic lockdown in an attempt to sail to the mythical “edge of the world.”

As IFLScience reports, the pair set off from their home to prove that the edge of the world was located south of Sicily (???). Their target was the tiny island of Lampedusa, which rests in the Mediterranean Sea. There’s no clear reason why the couple believed that this island represented the edge of the planet but Flat Earthers, despite all agreeing that the Earth isn’t a sphere, can rarely agree on anything else. This isn’t a surprise.

Anyway, the pair cruised across the sea toward what they believed was their destination. Unfortunately, their navigation skills were roughly as good as their ability to comprehend basic scientific facts, and ended up on the island of Ustica instead. Ustica is actually north of Sicily, while Lamedusa is south of it. The two geniuses managed to end up over 200 miles north of where they were trying to go.

The couple, who sold their car before embarking on the journey, were quickly quarantined by health officials due to the ongoing pandemic crisis. Despite this, they ran away once more, jumping on their boat and sailing for the edge of the world, only to be caught again hours later.


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