Police in Wyoming spread holiday cheer with cash

You could be the lucky recipient of a holiday bonus over the next few weeks in Wyoming if you’re on your best behavior.

Some generous Teton County philanthropists have given a “substantial amount” of money to local law enforcement to hand out to residents this holiday season.

“I have received cash from some anonymous donors to give out to people prior to the holidays,” Teton County Sheriff Jim Whalen told the Jackson Hole Daily.

Sheriff Whalen wouldn’t disclose how much money was donated but said there’s enough for officers to hand out $50 to $100 at a time.

Deputies, officers and troopers will be on the lookout this month for people doing good deeds, Whalen said.

“It could be almost anything,” the sheriff added.

For example, it could be a person who helps someone out of a snowbank, exercises good driving habits, calls dispatch with helpful public safety information or even witnesses a crime.

“It might even just be someone who is down on their luck,” Whalen said. “This is all about spreading goodwill in almost any way we can.”

The cash blitz will likely start in the next week, once the sheriff and his team “put a proper accounting mechanism in place,” Whalen said.

A similar operation took place last year, also thanks to donations.

“It’s a wonderful thing,” Whalen said.

The donors wished to remain anonymous, he added, but are all Jackson Hole residents.

Contact Emily Mieure at 732-7066 or courts@jhnewsandguide.com.

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