Travel company that will strand you on a desert island

Want to be stranded on a remote tropical island but without having to survive a traumatic shipwreck or plane crash? Enter Docastaway, a travel company that will transform you into a modern day Robinson Crusoe and maroon you on one of a number of pre-selected remote tropical islands.

“We have dedicated several years to exploring the most uninhabited and isolated tropical corners of the planet with the aim of discovering the most remote islands, those which remain a secret and still completely untouched by western influence,” the site states.

To cater to both the survivalist and the vacationer, Docastaway offers two isolation categories, Adventure mode and Comfort mode. With the latter, you’ll still be at one with nature, but there’s likely an eco-resort not to far away to cater to your every need. Adventure mode on the other hand features everything from a simple hut with a modern bathroom to “it’s up to you to find your own food and water.” Take for instance this description for the 15-day excursion on Devil’s Island.

“We must reiterate the fact that this island is only suitable for those who love to experience difficulties and those who don’t mind being totally abandoned during long periods of time,” the site warns. “This island is an ideal destination for those who want to become an authentic castaway, completely alone and without guides. This is probably the most extreme experience that Docastaway has to offer.”

It’s worth noting that while Docastaway offers communication options for all its stranded clients, in the case of Devil’s Island, help isn’t always just a phone call away.

“Should there be a storm, the castaway will have to wait up to two weeks to be rescued,” they share. “Therefore, much patience will be necessary and also flexible dates.”

Want something a little more tame that your partner won’t hold against you for the rest of your life? Check out the stunning Blue Lagoon option under Comfort mode.

While guides and staff will deliver food and other luxuries daily, you’ll otherwise be completely alone — with no electricity, but plenty of wildlife and gorgeous scenery to entertain you. “There are no villages or towns for many miles and the immediate vicinity of the island is not frequented by fishing boats,” the site states. “The feeling of isolation in The Blue Lagoon is generally maximum.”

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