Cooling Underwear Puts Sperm On Ice

Posted: January 16, 2014 in carboxymethyl cellulose sodium, Dr. Lutter, fertility, infertility, Snowballs, SnowWedge, sperm, underwear


The briefs, called Snowballs, began last year as a Kickstarter campaign by Joshua Shoemake.

The idea began with several couples struggling to conceive. One couple had a miscarriage. They were told to give up and try adopting. Then a gynecologist told them that elevated scrotal temperature can be a major cause of infertility in men, according to the company.

Sick of holding melting freezer bags on their crotches, the guys worked on a design for organic cotton boxer-briefs with space for a “SnowWedge” gel pack made from carboxymethyl cellulose sodium that could stay cool for at least 30 minutes. Using the briefs helped one of the couples have a baby girl, the company said.

Thansk to Dr. Lutter for bringing this to the It’s Interesting community.


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