Robo Faber – a robot that can generate infinite number of unique abstract ‘hand-drawings’

robot art8

robot art7

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robot art 1

It might not be Van Gogh, but this robot’s work certainly provokes a reaction.
When let loose on paper, the robot runs riot drawing bold, bizarre and seemingly random shapes.

The machine, named Robo Faber, is programmed with an algorithm created by Los Angeles-based artist Matthias Dörfelt.

‘I did a lot of work recently where I wrote custom computer software to generate drawings that look very similar to my own hand drawn ones,’ creator Mr Dörfelt told MailOnline.

‘Creating a robot that would actually use a pen to bring these drawings into a physical form was a logical next step.’

Robo Faber is a custom built differential drive robot consisting of two dc motors with encoders at each of the motor shafts.
Each piece of art is entirely unique and there is no clear logic to how the pieces fit together.

According to Mr Dörfelt, the intention was to leave it open to the audience to find the connections that make sense to them.
‘The reactions have been extremely positive,’ said Mr Dörfelt.

‘I think the drawings have a quality to them that make them interesting on their own, even if you don’t know the whole robot story or that they were created by a robot.’

Mr Dörfelt has previously used computer algorithms to create a wall of randomly generated, unique faces, and hopes to continue to explore how robots can create works of art.

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