A video called ‘One Day in June’ was posted on the Norwegian Prime Minister’s Facebook page on Sunday.

It shows Jens Stoltenberg wearing a taxi driver’s uniform and sunglasses, driving passengers around the streets of the Norwegian capital, only confirming his identity when asked.

“So, you have begun driving a taxi,” deadpans a passenger after realising who his chauffeur is. “Have you quit as prime minister?” asks another.

Mr Stoltenberg, who has led the Nordic country for the past eight years, said the stunt was an opportunity to speak to voters candidly.

“It’s important to listen to people’s opinions,” he said. “In taxis, people really say what they mean.”

Discussions ranged from education to oil policy after surprised passengers took advantage of their driver’s identity to air their views on the government.

Norway’s parliamentary election is set for 9 September.

Mr Stoltenberg’s Labour Party is behind in the opinion polls but he said he would not be taking up driving for a living if he lost.


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