Canadian professor intiates study on the health benefits of nose picking and eating


Prof. Scott Napper, an associate professor of biochemistry at the Univ. of Saskatchewan, says it is serious and may be of benefit. Napper says he plans to study nose-picking – and eating. He’s going to put a molecule into noses of volunteers and get half to pick their nose and eat it while the other half will not. Noting that mucus keeps germs from our body, by swallowing it he believes that once inside us, the mucus might train our immune system to do the same thing. He will test the nose-picking and eating half of the study to see if their immune systems have picked up any germ-trapping and killing tips from the mucus.

“I think the challenge would be getting volunteers to participate in this experiment,” he said. “Especially if you didn’t know which group you were going to fall into.”

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