Star Wars fans rise up in Britain: Jedi Knights top census in alternative faith


Jedi Knights are the most popular alternative faith in Britain, new census  figures reveal.
In 2001 there was a campaign to urge people to answer “Jedi Knights” when  asked what religion they were on the census. And that year a whopping 330,000  did so.
That number was down to 176,632 in 2011 census figures released Tuesday,  but characters made famous in the six “Star Wars” movies are still on top when it comes to the  “other” religions category.
In comparison, only 29,000 put down that they were “Atheist.”
And just 2,418 people chose Scientology. At least Tom Cruise’s favorite  belief system beat “Witchcraft,” which 1,276 people selected.
Other notable numbers from the census release, published by The Guardian:
– More than 23,000 said they were “Mixed Religion”
– 6,242 said they believed in “Heavy Metal.”
– Almost 3,000 “Believe in God.”
In contrast 33.2 million people, or 59 percent of the people of England  and Wales, marked down Christianity as their religion.

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