Ohio woman unknowingly married her father

You’ve heard of sister-wives, but one Ohio woman recently discovered she had a daddy-husband: she had unknowingly married her father.

No one is sure exactly how it happened, least of all Valerie Spruill, 60, who learned the truth in 2004, six years after her husband Percy Spruill died.

As told to the Akron Beacon Journal, Spruill’s mother was a teenager when she got pregnant by then-15-year-old Percy. Baby Valerie was sent to live with her grandparents, but found out when she was nine years old that the man she thought was her father was actually her grandfather, and that a person known to her as a “family friend” was actually her mother.

Nobody talked about her father.

Valerie met and married Percy Spruill, and the couple, along with her three kids from a previous marriage, settled in Doylestown, where she still lives. Percy died in April 1998, at the age of 60.

DNA testing confirmedwhat an uncle revealed to her shortly after Percy’s death.

She’s not even sure whether Percy knew.

“That conversation didn’t come up,” she told CNN Thursday. “I think if he did know, there is no way he could have told me.”

She has been seeing a therapist to deal with the emotional toll.


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