Giant hive with a half million killer bees discovered in Richardson, Texas

A Richardson Texas neighborhood was all a-buzz Friday morning, after workers discovered a huge four foot tall bee hive filled with killer bees.

“I can still get stung, hopefully not today,” says Kyle Lieb, Beekeeper with Little Giant Beekeepers.  He and his partner, Jefferson Souza, are suiting up for a dangerous job: removing the hive filled with killer bees.

“I’m stung 15-20 times per day,” says Souza.

Because they’re killer bees, they’ve made their last batch of honey. The hybrid bee is more likely to attack than your average honey bee.

“Unfortunately, we have to exterminate them, because no beekeeper will take it, because they’re aggressive.  We don’t want them to spread,” says Lieb.

Beekeepers say they believe the massive hive was filled with as many as 500,000 angry bees.

Neighbors say they believe the hive had to be removed in the interest of public safety. Residents along Clear Lake Circle worried that kids, who play at the end of the cul de sac, could get stung. The city wasn’t going to take that chance.

“If they do attack, they attack in large numbers, like hundreds or thousands.  It can be deadly,” says Lieb.

Workers believe these busy bees have been making the hive the past seven months. There may be as much as 30 pounds of honey inside, which cannot be harvested now that the hive has been sprayed with pesticide.

It took only a few hours to make sure all of the bees died. Workers then removed the hive, so another colony could not move into the vacant “house” in the neighborhood.

Thanks to Mr. Cuomo for bringing this to the attention of the It’s Interesting community.

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