Florida man who lost his hand to an alligator is being charged with unlawful feeding


A Florida airboat captain whose hand was bitten off by a 2.7-metre alligator is facing charges of feeding the animal.

Wallace Weatherholt, 63, was charged with unlawful feeding of an alligator and posted $1000 bond on Friday, Collier County Jail records show.

Weatherholt was attacked on June 12 as he was giving an Indiana family a tour of the Everglades.

The family said Weatherholt hung a fish over the side of the boat and had his hand at the water’s surface when the alligator attacked.

Wildlife officers tracked and euthanised the gator.

Weatherholt’s hand was found but could not be reattached.

A criminal investigation followed.

Feeding alligators is an offence.

Weatherholt’s next court date is August 22.


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