Bear crashes into middle school graduation in California

The last day of classes at a California elementary school and a graduation  ceremony at an adjacent middle school were interrupted by an unexpected guest: a  black bear that wandered onto school property.

Kern County Animal Control officers say the young black bear approached Ramon  Garza Elementary School in Bakersfield on Thursday, forcing students who were  outside to return to their classrooms, and surprising students and parents  attending a graduation ceremony at adjacent Sierra Middle School.

A teacher called authorities as the bear approached the schools, but the  animal kept its distance and nobody was in danger.

Within minutes, officers cornered the animal at an apartment complex, hit it  with a stun gun, and loaded it into a truck. They then released it back into the  wild near the Tejon Ranch, 1 1/2 hours southeast of Bakersfield.

Authorities believe the 150-pound, 3-year-old bear followed the Kern River  into town.

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One thought on “Bear crashes into middle school graduation in California

  1. confused_individual

    Smart bear. Those graduation ceremonies often include refreshments, and who could resist giving him some? Shame about the bum’s rush, but humans are like that.

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