Parent of the year: Toddler loose in moving car while gas can securely strapped into child car seat

Posted: June 6, 2012 in Aurora, child car seat, Colorado, gas can in car seat, safety, seat belt, Stupidity

Police in Aurora, Colorado, were shocked when, during a recent seat-belt enforcement campaign there, officers discovered a gross infraction of the law.

A Facebook photo on the Colorado Department of Transportation’s page shows a toddler and gas can sharing a vehicle’s back seat.  The gas can is securely strapped into a child’s safety seat. The toddler? No such luck.

Comments on the picture range from “Is this a joke?” to “I’m surprised the “parent” didn’t give the kid a cigarette. What the hell?!!”

A CDOT statement on the photo reads:

We want to make it clear that this photo was NOT staged or altered, except to protect the identity of the child. We take this subject very seriously. We wish this photo wasn’t real, but in fact it is a real photo taken after a traffic stop by Aurora Police Department.

According to 7News, Aurora Police issued the driver three citations.

  1. So sad, why did it have to happen in Colorado? Ugh!

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