28 year old Egyptian man declared dead, but then wakes up before funeral.


What should have been a solemn occasion to mark the Egyptian man’s passing rapidly turned into a celebration once everyone got over the shock of him still being alive.

The 28-year-old suffered a heart attack while at work and doctors at a local hospital concluded he had died.

His family took the body back to his home village of Naga al-Simman in the province of Luxor and intended to bury him on Friday evening.

They washed and prepared him for the funeral, but when a local doctor arrived to sign the death certificate, she found something strange – the body was still warm.

A more detailed examination revealed he was still very much alive.

Al-Nubi’s mother fainted after being told the news, but the doctor soon managed to wake both the mum and son, so that they could join in a party with the rest of the funeral guests.

Read more: http://www.metro.co.uk/weird/898938-egyptian-man-declared-dead-but-wakes-up-before-funeral#ixzz1utstaFd8

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