New scientific study shows that low-effort thought promotes political conservatism.

IT may be what left-wingers have always suspected but a study has linked “low-effort thought” to political conservatism.

Psychologist and co-author Scott Eidelman, from the University of Arkansas, said the paper showed subjects swung right when put on the spot.

“People endorse conservative ideology more when they have to give a first or fast response,” Dr Eidelman said.

“This low-effort thinking seems to favour political conservatism, suggesting that it may be our default ideology. To be clear, we are not saying that conservatives think lightly.”

Dr Eidelman clarified this further when asked by The Huffington Post, saying: “Our research shows that low-effort thought promotes political conservatism, not that political conservatives use low-effort thinking.”

The study tested subjects in two settings – a bar and a laboratory.

In the bar the drunker people became, the more conservative they became. However, this was not because of the alcohol, say the authors.

A similar test in a laboratory found subjects began to give similarly conservative responses when put on the spot or asked to respond quickly and under pressure.

The latest study follows one published in February in the journal Psychological Science which showed children who scored low on intelligence tests gravitated towards conservative politics as adults.

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