Laser-transformed metal repels water

Water often damages metals, causing rust, wear and decay. Thanks to an innovative laser process, however, metal is getting its revenge. University of Rochester scientists Chunlei Guo and Anatoliy Vorobyev have developed a technique using extremely precise laser patterns that renders metals superhydrophobic: in other words, incredibly water-repellent. Imagine a much more powerful Teflon —Continue reading “Laser-transformed metal repels water”

New invisibility technology

Doctoral student Joseph Choi demonstrates a multidirectional ‘perfect paraxial’ cloak using 4 lenses. Choi uses his hand to further demonstrate his device. A laser shows the paths that light rays travel through the system, showing regions that can be used for cloaking an object. Scientists at the University of Rochester have discovered a way toContinue reading “New invisibility technology”