Benefits of eating the entire banana, including the peel

by CHRISTIAN COTRONEO Peeling a banana doesn’t require the nimblest of fingers. It’s basically Nature’s version of a twist-off bottle cap. Anyone with any kind of digits can get to the tasty slip of sweetness inside. But what if even that was too much of a bother? Why not just chomp right through the skinContinue reading “Benefits of eating the entire banana, including the peel”

2018 Ig Nobel Prizes

cientific studies on the cleaning power of spit, a lone fruit fly’s ability to spoil wine, and cannibals’ caloric intake garnered top honors at the 28th Ig Nobel Prize ceremony. The seriously silly citations, which “honor achievements that first make people laugh, and then think,” were awarded on Sept. 13 at Harvard University’s Sanders Theatre.Continue reading “2018 Ig Nobel Prizes”

Food that helps battle depression

By Elizabeth Bernstein You’re feeling depressed. What have you been eating? Psychiatrists and therapists don’t often ask this question. But a growing body of research over the past decade shows that a healthy diet—high in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fish and unprocessed lean red meat—can prevent depression. And an unhealthy diet—high in processed and refinedContinue reading “Food that helps battle depression”

Many cities in the U.S. are making it illegal for people to give food to people who are homeless

Every Tuesday night, Joan Cheever hits the streets of San Antonio to feed the homeless. In a decade, she’s rarely missed a night. But on a recent, windy Tuesday, something new happens. The police show up. “He says we have to have a permit,” Cheever says. “We have a permit. We are a licensed nonprofitContinue reading “Many cities in the U.S. are making it illegal for people to give food to people who are homeless”