Everything You Wanted To Know About Microdosing (But Were Afraid To Ask)

By Carolyn Gregoire Long before microdosing was being touted as the Silicon Valley life hack du jour, Dr. James Fadiman was investigating the potential mind-enhancing effects of ingesting psychedelic drugs like LSD and psilocybin, more commonly known as magic mushrooms. In the 1960s, Fadiman conducted pioneering psychedelic research, including one study in which he gaveContinue reading “Everything You Wanted To Know About Microdosing (But Were Afraid To Ask)”

More People ‘Microdosing’ on Psychedelic Drugs

by Tia Ghose For Martijn Schirp, it’s a way to make an ordinary day just a little bit better. A former poker player and recent graduate in interdisciplinary science in Amsterdam, Schirp has been experimenting with a new way to take psychedelic drugs: Called microdosing, it involves routinely taking a small fraction of a normalContinue reading “More People ‘Microdosing’ on Psychedelic Drugs”