Drug to treat malaria could mitigate hereditary hearing loss

Kumar Alagramam. PhD, Case Western Reserve University The ability to hear depends on proteins to reach the outer membrane of sensory cells in the inner ear. But in certain types of hereditary hearing loss, mutations in the protein prevent it from reaching these membranes. Using a zebrafish model, researchers at Case Western Reserve University SchoolContinue reading “Drug to treat malaria could mitigate hereditary hearing loss”

Genetic technique for destroying mosquitoes

by ASHLEY YEAGER A gene drive has successfully caused the collapse of a malaria-carrying mosquito population in the lab, researches report today (September 24) in Nature Biotechnology. This is the first time a gene drive—a genetic element that ensures its own inheritance—has caused a population of mosquitoes to self-destruct, a result that holds promise forContinue reading “Genetic technique for destroying mosquitoes”