Neuroscientists identify the brain cells that help humans adapt to change

Ph.D. candidate Kianoush Banaie Boroujeni at his neuroscience set up at Vanderbilt University, explaining a main result of the study he conducted in the laboratory of Thilo Womelsdorf at Vanderbilt University. by Marissa Shapiro, Vanderbilt University There are 86 billion neurons, or cells, in the human brain. Of these, an infinitely small portion of themContinue reading “Neuroscientists identify the brain cells that help humans adapt to change”

Behavior-Predicting Neural Code Identified

Greater activation of neurons on one side of the superior colliculus versus the other signals the detection of a relevant event. Credit: James Herman, Ph.D., National Eye Institute by Aswini Kanneganti Perceptual choice behavior, taking action based on the information received from the senses is often described by mathematical models. Although the associated neural activityContinue reading “Behavior-Predicting Neural Code Identified”