Goats being used to clear poison ivy and other plants in Boston Hyde Park

The city is renting eight goats to graze on a city-owned golf course and another four at a wild landscape area. They will eat poison ivy, buckthorn, Japanese knotweed and other invasive plant species clogging the land, said Ryan Woods, a spokesman for the Boston Parks and Recreation Department.

“Goats eat everything. It’s one of the natural things that they do, and they’re able to digest these things that are harmful to humans,” Woods said. Plus they’re cheaper and quieter than lawnmowers, he added __ and they drop natural fertilizer along the way.

The goats will be split into herds of four, each of which can clear up to a third of an acre per week. One herd will graze on a wild landscape in the Hyde Park neighborhood for four weeks starting on July 6. Afterward, they’ll join two other herds working at the George Wright Golf Course for six weeks starting on July 20.
The goal is to make overgrown areas more inviting to visitors, Woods said.

The goats will live at those sites until they finish their work, surrounded by solar-powered electric fences that keep them in and predators out. They’ll also be fed hay and water to supplement their diet.

Boston Hires Goat Crew To Landscape Weed-Choked City Land

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Serial tickler on the loose in Boston

Police in Boston are investigating a number of overnight break-ins in the Brighton neighborhood of Boston early Tuesday morning.

Two homes on Foster Road and one on Kirkwood Road were targeted during the early morning hours.

People living in the neighborhood close to Boston College fear a serial tickler is breaking into homes and targeting men.

In one of the break-ins, David Master said he heard screaming from one of his roommates. “He felt something on his foot and thought it was the cat,” Master said. “He woke up to see a man crouched by his bed.”

Master told the Boston Globe he and his roommates did not pursue the man. The man apparently walked in through their unlocked door.

The first break-in was reported around 3:50 a.m., the Globe reported. Residents in a home on Foster Street said they found a masked man in their home. When they spotted him, he ran in an unknown direction, the Globe reported.

Gino Caligore says his apartment was another target for the tickler. “Apparently the tickler had come in, tickled my roommate, and before my friend could catch him or anything, the guy ran out of the house,” Caligore said.

Boston police asked anyone with information about the crime to contact them.

Read more: http://www.wcvb.com/news/string-of-home-invasions-could-be-tied-to-serial-tickler/26424224#ixzz34cvVuDVp