Marcia Usher: Drunk Florida Woman Facing Multiple Charges After She Called 911 for Help Finding a Place to Urinate

A woman needing help finding the bathroom is now facing numerous charges.

Her first mistake: calling 911 for her restroom emergency.

The Pasco Sheriff’s Office says 32-year-old Marcia Usher placed the 911 call Wednesday night, saying she was lost in the woods and didn’t know where she should urinate.

Responding deputies found Usher not in the woods, but instead in front of her home, reportedly intoxicated and drinking a beer.

A deputy noticed a nearby open beer cooler and asked Usher if he could check inside for any weapons or drugs. According to the arrest report, Usher complied and told the deputy there was beer and a knife inside.

Instead of a knife, the deputy immediately saw a loaded handgun on top of the beer.

The deputy tried putting Usher in handcuffs, and a brief struggle ensued.  She was reportedly tackled to the ground and taken into custody without further incident.

At the jail, a vial of meth residue was allegedly discovered on Usher during a strip search.

She now faces charges of carrying a concealed weapon without a permit, possession of methamphetamine, introduction/possession of contraband in a detention facility, and resisting arrest without violence.


Henry Arnibal: Cockfighter Killed and Ate Bobcat While High on Methamphetamine


Santa Clara county authorities arrested a 38-year-old man after he was allegedly discovered to be high on meth, owning cockfighting tools, and skinning then eating a bobcat.

Henry Arnibal was arrested on Sleepy Valley Road, and stated he’d killed the bobcat with a .22 rifle, and then ate it, after it attacked his roosters.

The carcass of the bobcat was found hanging on a fence.

All the charges, except for the drug charge, are fish and game violations. All are misdemeanors.

Arnibal was discovered living in a trailer on land authorities believed to be a former marijuana farm.

Santa Clara County Deputy District Attorney Steve Lowney said 50 roosters, cockfighting hooks, and the bobcat’s carcass were taken into evidence.


Thanks to Dr. Leypold for bringing this to the attention of the It’s Interesting community.