Electric Man Ma Xiangang is impervious to electric shock

Posted: December 26, 2013 in China, Electric Man, electricity, Heilongjiang province, Ma Xiangang

electric man

He can light a bulb with his hand. He can control electrical currents. He is a man who isn’t afraid of direct contact with electricity.

Ma Xiangang, an ordinary man living in Daqing, a city in northeastern China’s Heilongjiang province, has a strange gift of being able to touch electricity without being shocked. He can touch 220-volt electric wires without any protection and appear as if it is nothing.

On a recent TV program, Ma held two electric wires in his hands and easily lit a bulb.

Ma learned about his gift over 20 years ago. One day, while watching TV with his wife, the television suddenly went out. Ma checked it and found a wire outside had been broken by the wind. Ma picked up the broken wire. He first touched the ends tentatively. He felt no electricity, so he connected the two broken ends together.

After he fixed the broken line, Ma suddenly realized it was not normal. The wire carried electricity, but he fixed it with his bare hands.

“Why am I not affected by electricity?” Ma asked himself.

He decided to try again and finally learned direct contact with electricity does not harm him. Instead, it makes him energetic.

Gradually, Ma became addicted to touching electricity and learned to control the voltage passing through his body. Ma claims that he can use his specialty to conduct electrotherapy and massage for others.

Ma’s special powers have also drawn the attention of experts. After careful analysis, experts believe the secret lies in Ma’s hands. The skin of his hands is much rougher and drier than others, functioning like a pair of insulated gloves. His tough skin prevents most of the electricity from entering Ma’s body. The actual current passing through Ma’s body only contains six milliamperes, while the safety limits for ordinary people is 8-10 milliamperes.



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